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To many choices
  • TyRoloff
    Posts: 1Member
    I went snowboarding for the first time this past weekend. And dispite having to use the bowling shoe rental board I enjoyed it and set up future lessons with an instructor. As long as things go as planned I would like to get my own board by next season. I'm about to turn 33 and even though I am one of the fortunates to be in as good of shape as I am at my age I'm not planning to turn pro. I want something I can go out on the trails, enjoy myself, and possibly be able to respectively ride with the youngsters.

    If anyone has any suggestions on boards, bindings, and boots I'd like to hear them. Beginner-intermediate, All mountain maybe Freeride, I still can't decide on camber or rocker even though rocker seems like the way to go. The brands I know are Burton, Gnu, and K2. If you have opinions on those brands or any others I should check out I'd like to hear those too.

  • JonnGlassJonnGlass
    Posts: 8Administrator, Snowboard Staff
    @TyRoloff, stoked to hear your first time went well. I remember my first time at age 10 on a board that was a 160, you could say it was way too big.

    You have a lot of decisions to make when buying a setup for the first time, a few you already pointed out.

    I'd say the best thing to do at this point is to try out a few boards you've been eyeing. I believe there are a few demo days still going on around the country. Get on a few different boards and see how they feel. In my opinion, that's going to be the best way to figure out what you like.

    As for the camber/rocker debate that's a tough one. As both are great depending on the conditions you're in. I personally like a camber, all-mountain board but have rode a few reverse cambers and loved them, especially in powder.

    You can never go wrong with a Burton, they make a solid board. Check out the Burton Board Finderto figure out the best board for you. You can take that info to other brands as well. If I had to suggest a board I'd say the Custom. It's one of my personal favorites for all-mountain shredding. And all though not a "beginner" board, it will be good to grow into for a few years.

    Gnu and Lib Tech, both brands of Mervin Manufacturing, are known for magne-traction, and are both great options. Magne-traction is basically an edge with teeth in it giving you more contact points on the edges for better hold. It really works well, especially if you never tune your board. Check out the Dark Series and if you want to go with something a little more flex to help initiate turns, check out the Skate Banana. A for a GNU board check out the Pickle and Riders Choice

    When it comest to boots, don't skimp. It's the most important part of your setup (in my opinion) and can either make your day awesome or shitty depending on how they perform. Try on as many as you can at your local shop and go with one that feels great. Then get a half size smaller as most boots will pack out over time and be a perfect fit. I currently ride Flow boots. They have great heel hold and fit my foot well. Every brand is going to be a bit different depending on your foot.

    For bindings there's a ton of different options. From Flow's rear entry system to Burton's high-tech options, it really comes down to what type of tech you want. Every brand makes stiff to flexy bindings, but you should stick with something right in the middle. Union makes a solid binding that will last forever - check out the Contact. For Burton, check out the Cartel, a binding that pretty much does it all.

    That's a ton of info right there and I could go on for days. But you should really get out and try some different setups until you find one you like. Also, get off the mountain rentals and try a more high-performance rental from a local shop so you can ride a real board.

    Hit me back if you have any other questions or want me to dive into something a bit deeper.

    Also, what's your home mountain? I could recommend a few places to grab some good setups to try.