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What are you riding this season?
  • TahoeManTahoeMan
    Posts: 5Member
    Welcome to the new SnowboardMag Forum!

    What are you all riding this '12-'13 season?

    My kit:
    A Rome Agent 155, absolutely love it. Park board that's stiff enough to hi speed rip when needed.
    Burton P1s
    Some old 32 304's which I still love. And considering my income, I'll be riding them for a long time to come.
    Angles are 15 -15 centered. Can't stand it any other way.

    Favorite spots are Kirkwood and Heavenly, next would be Northstar and Sugar Bowl (all in Lake Tahoe), than anyplace with snow. Who cares when you really get down to it lol.
  • dvdgrigsby
    Posts: 1Moderator, Snowboard Staff
    Board: YES Optimistic 158/Never Summer Proto CT 157/LIB TRS 157
    Binding: 2008 Union Force
    Boots: Burton Imperial
    Location: Loveland or Crested Butte
  • awd1105
    Posts: 1Member
    Board: 2012 K2 Slayblade 158
    Boot: 2012 DC Judge w/ ThirtyTwo Level 4 liners
    Binding: Now IPO, Union/Holden collab. (Reg, 22.5 width, 18/-9)
  • capm_crunch
    Posts: 1Member
    Board: 2013 CAPiTA Ultrafear 151
    Boot: 2013 32 Tm-Two Scott Stevens
    Binding: 2013 Union Contact Pro (Regular, 23", 15/-15)
  • plkellyak
    Posts: 1Member
    POW Board: SLASH by GiGi ATV Hub 161 Bindings: Cartels
    EVERYTHING Board: Bataleon Whatever 159 Bindings: Cartels
    PARK Board: Bataleon Evil Twin 154 Bindings: Cartels

    Boots: Nike Snowboarding Ites with Blue Jbars inserts on the inner part of boots
    Outerwear: Nike Snowboarding GoreTex
    Eyewear: Oakley
    Stance: Regular +18, -15, 23.5" wide
  • 309257335
    Posts: 1Member
    yes snowboard
    great beauties of history(Bridget Bardot model)