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Quick Change Goggles
  • EastCoast4Life
    Posts: 1Member
    Looking for a good pair of goggles that I can easily change the lens when the weather turns here in the east. There seems to be a good amount of them out there but I would love to hear what you guys have to say about what you've tried and what works.
  • TahoeManTahoeMan
    Posts: 5Member
    I'm boring, I just use the Oakley A frames. Had no problems pulling out the lenses, and they never fog up. But I wouldn't say they are particularly easy. They do take a bit of effort...
  • g_wrightg_wright
    Posts: 1Member
    The Anon M1 is tough to beat for this. You can literally throw the lens at your face and it snaps into place. Maybe not every time, but it's significantly easier than any other goggle I've ever tried. http://snowboardmag.com/stories/gear/gear-roundup-quick-change-lens-goggles
  • Martin
    Posts: 1Member
    Hi, i have a goggle problem! I swet a lot so my goggle are fogging on the inside. But i meen i swet a lot, so who has a tip???
  • JonnGlassJonnGlass
    Posts: 8Administrator, Snowboard Staff
    @Martin, that's a tough one. I would check out the Smith Turbo Fan series. Let us know how they work out for you if you go that route.