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No High Backs
  • Jack
    Posts: 1Member
    So I'm on Switchbacks with no high backs. I'm still on the fence about what the benefit is even though I've got 11 days on them. Mostly hiking rails and boxes.
    What should I be expecting? In general it's just made riding harder.
  • JonnGlassJonnGlass
    Posts: 8Administrator, Snowboard Staff
    @jack, the idea behind the no highback bindings on the switchback is to make if feel like you're surfing or skating - a looser type of ride - and is recommended for powder. If you're just cruising the park or hitting groomers, I'd say throw on the highback, it will make your ride more enjoyable.

    Let us know how they work for ya. I've personally never rode them without a high back in powder. I'd love to give them a try.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • TahoeManTahoeMan
    Posts: 5Member
    Seems like it it's a twist on the old "do you love or hate flow bindings." Kinda a personal preference thing I suppose? No highbacks sounds interesting to me, would love to try them. In what way has it made your riding harder? What were you riding before?
    I've def. gotten my highbacks smashed by a low chairlift in the past... Lol, guess that would be a problem of the past!