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The rise and stall of snowboarding?
  • JonnGlassJonnGlass
    Posts: 8Administrator, Snowboard Staff
    Anyone check out the recent articles about the rise and recent stall of snowboarding?

    Both Transworld Business and The New York Times have posted articles on the topic discussing snowboardings quick rise to popularity and peculiar plateau in participation.

    Check out Transworld Business' "Sunday Biz: The Rise and Fall of Snowboarding" and NYT's "Has Snowboarding Lost Its Edge?" articles and let us know what you think.

    Has snowboarding's popularity really stalled out? I sure hope not...
  • bscene
    Posts: 1Member
    It's been on an upward trend for years. But like all trends, it's not a perfectly straight line. Young riders grow up, get real jobs, have kids and have a harder time making time for their sport. Snowboarding is not unique in this. I don't think we've seen the end of growth in our sport.

    If we see 3 or 4 years of decline then we can lose faith in humanity. But on the bright side, there will be more powder for the rest of us.
  • JonnGlassJonnGlass
    Posts: 8Administrator, Snowboard Staff
    @bscene, I'll agree with you there. Hopefully it doesn't decline like you said. If it does, I guess us hardcore riders will be in for quite the powder treat...